Please pray for a daylight job with Sundays off for church that I can get to easily on the bus. I need money and also need to spend time with kids and give my mom a break from helping our physically and financially. Please pray my soon to be ex is ordered to pay support and he doesn't get off lightly so all our needs are met and maybe some wants or fun once in awhile. My husband lives next door with his girlfriend. im a miidle aged housewife with no money or career to go back to, no degree or training, average not a brain and no car. Need some help badly to make it and care for kids. House needs work and mortgage due. Husband still paying all bills and mortgage. My mother buying groceries which isnt cheap, about 800 a month for food and necesndties plus 5 week month could be more. I need to help. Husband's girlfriend says I should get job and pay bills and they pay mortgage. I'm not against this except I don't think a minimum wage job will pay utilities a month . The electric is around $200 a few times it was $300, water around 150 usually sometimes more, gas could be 300 maybe 400 a month in winter with heat on 24 hours in cold and we have house with old doors on front, old windows and no door in-between garage and basement. Bad. The mortgage right now is 700 a month, sometimes rent is high if you need 3 bedroom with kids. Me and my mom have bad credit so finding decent place is hard to begin with and one with no credit check almost impossible. Kids don't want to move out of house and if I leave neighborhood they have to change schools which is bad for them and I would probably lose custody. My husband works 5 PM till around 2:30 am so he's not around kids much and I honestly don't believe his girlfriend wants to stay home most nights to watch kids especially our 10 year old son who has behavior problems, very angry. I believe she gave my son their one TV and his Xbox game back in my home so he wouldn't keep coming over there to play video games. She seems to go out alot or have friends over when my husband goes to work 5 days a week. There home is supposed to be kids home too but when they have company or are tired they send my/husband's son "home" with me. That seems wrong sometimes and I can't do that when I'm tired or want alone time. Don't know how I'm gonna make it. Really would like to leave. Really wish I could get and afford a car to get around. It's so hard not being able to get in car and just go somewhere or get s job and drive instead of worrying about bad buses and this neighborhood is bad at night to walk through. I'm scared. Have to ask husband and girlfriend for ride grocery shopping every week, how do you think that feels? If I sue for support, do you think they will be happy about that if he has to pay alot and still help us??! If it's a small amount definitely can't pay all bills on minimum wage. Need career but nursing and CNA not for me, can't stand sight of blood or changing adult diapers. Can't type fast and college math or science not good at. Beauty field is hard to get into at my age (49) it's a youth field and you need clients built up from what I read, I like to bake but people told me you usually get paid minimum wage and work Saturdays and early mornings like 4 am, so bummed out and my husband isn't cook but works in restaurant so I know no Saturdays off or day hours, lots of people work Sundays so I guess those are out. I love makeup but not many jobs for that in Pittsburgh or probably not St my age just starting out. Had people tell me about jobs in healthcare like sonar, radiology but you need chemistry classes which not good at science. Most jobs in demand that may not be age discriminating is healthcare but Im not good at math or science. Feel like I have no options for career and at my age to be able to actually make decent living and be able to make it financially and also with kids. Prayers needed for a miracle. Don't want to be a leech on anyone either and also not good to be too dependent on others, they could die, leave etc.. Please pray if you can. Pray for my kids too. Pray they get saved along with friends, other family, in-laws.